Energy Efficient Homes


Whether you are curling up on the sofa or cooking in the kitchen, your new home will keep you warm all round. Your Typical energy bills will be very low cost from as little as £500 per year.

New homes present one of the best opportunities to reduce the energy consumption associated with modern lifestyles. They have built-in water saving features and use recycled, renewable and environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. Every new home needs an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to show its level of energy efficiency.

A typical 3 bedroom house will cost £568 a year to run including all Gas, Electric and Water. This is substantially less than an average 1980’s house totalling £1984 per year.

See below some of Penrhyn homes energy saving features:-

1. Penrhyn Homes Walls

Our cavity walls are built using the latest insulation incorporating heat reflecting low-emissive technology.
A typical 1980’s cavity walls contains no insulation leading to warm air escaping through the wall.

2. Penrhyn Homes Air testing and natural ventilation

Air testing is a procedure as part of the building regulations which ensures an air tight house with no leaks for warm air to escape. Natural ventilation allows for any stagnant air to escape.

3. Penrhyn Homes Loft Insulation

Our loft insulation uses fibreglass insulation to currently building regulations with insulated loft hatches to ensure warm air is retained in your new home.

4.  Penrhyn Homes Boilers

Our energy efficient boilers are Ideal which are optimised for new build compliance following the SAP 2009/2012 design procedure and delivers improved DER performance. This is particularly beneficial for new build properties. A quick installation is assured thanks to a wide range of fluing options, fast fix flue turret connections and no need for compartment ventilation allowing this product to be installed out of sight in a standard kitchen cupboard

5.  Penrhyn Homes Windows

Our fully sculptured windows are an easy way to add an instant touch of class to your home. Their modern, clean lines, symmetrical design and practical features offer you windows that are both easy on the eye and simple to use, making them the perfect choice for the discerning home owner.

With a huge range of styles to choose from, including tilt and turn, French casement windows and a variety of shaped frame options, there is something for everyone no matter what style of home they have.

Here are some of the features available with our fully sculptured windows:

  • Energy A-rated as standard
  • Internally glazed, with a choice of glazing options
  • High security locking system on every window.
  • Very low sight-line gaskets
  • 35-year life expectancy

6.  Penrhyn Homes Water Savings

Our taps, showers and appliances offer water saving features allowing you to save on your water bills. They are specifically design so they utilise the minimum amount of water required for its application.

7. Penrhyn Homes Lighting

Our lighting uses 100% Low energy fittings which accounts for 18 per cent of a typical household’s electricity bill. This substantially reduces your electricity bill.